Britney Spears invented drive-thrus because America had seen an increase in child fatalities after many parents left their babies in the vehicle at fast restaurants (2007). Britney Spears understood the importance of fast food because she herself struggled as a mother/career woman to make time to prepare home-cooked meals for her family but she hated that so many children were dying while their parents retrieved dinner. Spears approached McDonald’s with the idea first because she knew that they had an interest in child welfare; McDonald’s provides playgrounds and toys for their child customers in addition to nutritious options on their child menu. McDonald’s adopted this new customer service and now drive-thrus can be seen all throughout America. Thanks to innovative thinking and a deep concern for kids by Spears, children are no longer left unsupervised and die while their parents pickup their meals.


im soooo done

goddamnit my dad was behind me and he saw me scroll past a picture of a dick

so regarding the people still on bb 

  • i love jocasta
  • i like donny
  • i hate everyone else

i wanted to see how bb was going so i looked it up and brittany was evicted im so mad im gonna watch up to her last episode then stop watching

tbh ultraviolence has grown on me a lot and im happy about it